Saturday, February 7, 2015

San Pedro Square Market

Near: Tabard Theatre, City Lights

Theatregoers are always on the look for places that serve great food in time for them to make it to their next show. San Pedro Square Market, located in the heart of downtown San Jose near several local theatres, takes the “food court” model (with trays and buzzers to let you know your food is ready) and redefines it with small, top-quality restaurants that cater to every taste.

Here is a small selection of some of San Pedro Square’s best restaurants:

Konjoe: Konjoe Burger Bar serves East-West fusion hamburgers, combining typical toppings like caramelized onions and jalapeƱos with kalbi sauce, kimchi cucumbers, and hoisin ketchup. The burgers are thick and satisfying, and after you eat one you’ll be thinking about it for days. To drink, Konjoe serves a selection of flavored lemonades that change every day.

Blush Raw Bar and Lounge: The only restaurant in the market to cordon off its own seating area, Blush offers a wide variety of sushi rolls, oysters, and trademark frozen drinks in a modern and upscale venue. Their eel is top-notch!

Bray: Bray is a traditional barbecue joint that serves crowd-pleasers like Reubens, sliders, and baby back ribs. However, their best menu item is the roasted corn, which is covered in a spicy sauce that piques the palate for bold, flavorful proteins ahead.

Loteria Taco Bar: Named after the traditional Mexican bingo game, Loteria offers a selection of twelve tacos that modernize classic ingredient combinations; for example, adding fresh pineapple to the pork el pastor tacos, brightening up the meat with a citrus zing.

Chocatoo: Chocatoo offers lots of tantalizing-looking desserts, but you’ll want to skip the fancy stuff and order one of their cookies. Gigantic, rich, and sinful, whoever’s at the counter will warm it up and ask you if you’d like a glass of milk to wash it down. This is the kind of cookie you’d see in a book as a kid and wish existed.

I exhort you to be adventurous and eat wherever you like – almost every eatery at San Pedro Square Market is top-notch. However, the above is some of the most reliably good food available, and can be useful as a jumping-off point. And don't forget to check their blog for the latest events!

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